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Free Online Auction Prep Checklist

Online auctions can be a great fundraising opportunity, but if you’ve never hosted one before the details might feel a little murky. 

With our quick, free online auction prep sheet you can feel confident in your ability to set up, stage and run a successful online auction. If you need assistance, we offer custom auction services packages and are available for consultation. 

As a free gift to our followers, please feel free to download this checklist to keep your event planning process organized. Love this guide? We also have a silent auction prep post, complete with a similar checklist for traditional style silent auctions. We at DCI make it our mission to help you have the best event that you possibly can! 


  1. Inventory all items in your auction donation log

  2. Group any items that need to be packaged

  3. Write copy for each auction lot & spell-check

  4. Check total value and set minimum bids

  5. Set bid increments. Can be customized for each item based on minimum bid

  6. Customize online auction homepage

  7. Upload all items into online/mobile bidding platform

    1. Add photos/donor logos

    2. Add creative copy for each lot

    3. Include FMV, Minimum Bid, Bid Increment

    4. Donor recognition with logo & URL

  8. Check automatic text templates and customize

  9. Set Closing Date/Time

  10. Connect payment processing (Stripe, Square, etc)

  11. Create marketing strategy to promote the online auction. Social, E-newsletters, Eblasts, etc.

Download PDF • 33KB

Durant Consulting Inc offers multiple auction services packages for businesses and nonprofits who are looking to host an outstanding fundraising event. For more information, contact us today to receive a consultation for services.

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