Before you scroll any further, a friendly PSA that we don't do Sponsorship Sales... but we'll take care of everything else Sponsorship related!!

Sponsor Proposals | Communication Documents | Pre-planning and Onsite Management

Sponsor Management

We work with the confirmed Sponsors of large events to fulfill their contractual obligations during the planning period and oversee their onsite activations from load-in to load-out. As a liaison with the Sponsors and the Event Staff (producers, marketing, signage, ticketing, etc.), the Sponsor Manager acts as the conduit of information to ensure all details are in place including:
  • Logo placement on printed/online assets and signage

  • Adherence to Deadlines

  • Ticket Allotments

  • Staff Credentials

  • Activation Details

  • Shipping Logistics

  • Onsite Load-in & Load-out Management 

  • Recap Documentation

Sponsorship Consulting

With a knack for identifying untapped opportunities, our creative team crafts bespoke sponsorship decks that captivate, persuade, and not only increase event revenue but also maximize the attendee experience. For each event client, we collaborate closely to curate a package that resonates with potential sponsors.

Durant Consulting, Inc. will work collaboratively with the event team/departments to create Sponsorship Communication documents including fact sheets and/or forms to relay all necessary information about event participation.

  • Review your event plan through a sponsorship lens

  • Identify untapped sponsorship opportunities

  • Outline sponsorship tiers

  • Highlight tangible benefits of partnership

  • Craft bespoke sponsorship decks

  • Create custom documents and forms to streamline communication: timelines, intake forms, FAQs, tickets/credentials, shipping, etc.

  • Capture event analytics with a custom recap template

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