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Free Silent Auction Prep Checklist

Silent auctions are the bread and butter of many fundraising schedules. Hosting a full auction, though, can be tricky but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. 

Alexandra Durant, owner of Durant Consulting, Inc., has created a custom, step-by-step set of notes for event organizers to use while hosting a traditional silent auction. These steps are the same that Durant and her company use when organizing auctions across the country. It is culled from years of experience in the event management world. 

We’re proud to offer it here, free of charge for any organization who is planning a silent auction event. You can download the checklist below to get started! 

Please note Alex’s personal notes about bid numbers and the way she packages certificates in matching, heavy-weight envelopes to give the event a unified and organized feeling.


  1. Inventory all items

  2. Group any items that need to be packaged

  3. Write copy for each auction lot & spell-check

  4. Assign Lot #’s (if using bidder numbers, I recommend that they are not the same)

  5. Check total value and set minimum bids

  6. Set bid increments.. can be customized for each item based on minimum bid

  7. Create & Print Bid sheets

  8. Print Extra blank bid sheets

  9. Create Labels for all items with basic description and corresponding Lot #

  10. Put certificates in envelopes (I don’t use the envelopes that came in the mail from the donor)

  11. Label all auction items – physical items and certificates

  12. Create and Print Displays/Frames for certificate items (do not put out actual gift certificates)

  13. Pack Clipboards & Pens

  14. Create and Print Signage

    1. Auction Closes at XXX

    2. Thank you to our generous donors (logo soup)

  15. Pack items to merchandise your auction… jewelry display forms, risers (boxes, milk crates) to create different heights for items, small and large easels, etc.

Download PDF • 31KB

Durant Consulting Inc offers multiple auction services packages for businesses and nonprofits who are looking to host an outstanding fundraising event. For more information, contact us today to receive a consultation for services.

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